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Hambisa Health provides all aspects of Corporate Wellness from Executive Wellness to legislation driven, Occupational Health requirements. However, what sets our business apart from our competitors is the starting point and the focus within the health journey of a client.

Executive Wellness

Executive Wellness

Agile, ethical health solutions that benefit all. All assessments can be tailored to meet the companies needs assessment and budget.

Health Risk Appraisal


The HRA forms the cornerstone of health intervention within a company, whilst occupational health and executive wellness become more targeted and focused on reducing specific health and legislative risk. Both the executive wellness offerings and occupational health requirements can be provided by themselves, without the HRA, where companies have had prior programmes in place.

Occupational Health


We are also able to offer occupational health solutions and legislative requirements through our extensive network of occupational health specialists, that are regarded by their peers as being industry leaders.

The Executive Wellness Programme includes:

  • Comprehensive medical and lifestyle assessment, monitoring and facilitation of tailored interventions with comprehensive feedback provided at both an individual and organizational level, so that the executive and the company builds a comprehensive understanding of their executive well being profile.
  • Individual risk stratification which allows focused ongoing intervention, empowering the individual to make relevant decisions relating to their health and wellness status.
  • Three assessment options for the executive team, senior management and middle management.

Executive Health Profiling

A comprehensive lifestyle and health profile is created for each individual that enhances the professional engagement between the practitioner and the Executive.

Profiling components include:

  • Health history (personal and family) – extensive personal medical review
  • Work and lifestyle related  - physical activity levels,  smoking and alcohol intake and work-life balance.
  • Comprehensive nutritional behaviour assessment
  • State of Mind assessment
  • Sleep health and fatigue


  • Online Medical and health risk questionnaire
  • Laboratory pathology tests: Pathology panels are individualised based on the client’s needs and risk profile.


  • Biokinetic assessment: The professional undergoes a comprehensive Biokinetics assessment that has been internationally benchmarked.
  • Medical assessment: Upon completion of all the testing processes the delegate will have a full head to toe examination by the doctor which also includes a final review consultation with the Doctor to pull all elements and recommendations together, and to initiate any specific next steps such as referrals.

Post consultation

  • Comprehensive individual report with comparative data.
  • Appropriate referrals and interventions are activated where appropriate.
  • De-personalised company group report and risk analysis.
Executive Wellness


Comprehensive Health and Risk Assessment with individualised exercise programmes, Pathology, follow up and specialist referrals if necessary.

Executive Wellness


Detailed Health and Risk Assessment with generic exercise and lifestyle modification programmes. Pathology follow up and specialist referrals if necessary.

Executive Wellness


Health Risk Assessment and physical examination. Limited Pathology. Pathology and specialist referrals when necessary.

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